With the Americans reeling from defeat after defeat at the hands of the British, a small group of 185 men were determined to hold the British advance at all costs, so as to give the Continental Army time to re-group and prepare for the final push for freedom.

Outnumbered, outgunned and with no chance of help, this band of brave freedom fighters took refuge in an old abandoned mission that was called "Patriot's Point". 

Trey Alexander, his family, and friends, patriots all, were determined to do their part to help defend the mission that became a fortress . . . the fortress that would become a shrine. As the vicious and determined enemy forces closed around them, would their courage and valor be enough?

They learned with brutal clarity that basic principle of liberty... freedom is not free!

Part of the 
Alexander Family 
Chronicles !

Douglas Boren has lived a full and exciting life. A retired Physician Assistant, he has lived from Alaska to Florida, from New York to New Mexico, and many places in between. An avid Master scuba diver, he divides his time between the Caribbean and his home in North Carolina. 

He has always had a profound fondness for history, believing that rather than just a series of dates and events, it is a living record of real people, much like ourselves, how they live, and their impact on those around them and their role in the unfolding story of life. 

Patriot's Point is his fourth novel.

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