The Pirate's Enemies
These nations of Europe were heavily invested in settling the New World.  Having establish colonies in every corner of the Caribbean, each strove to carve out their empire.

Aside from occasionally fighting each other, they each had to fight the growing threat of piracy.  For over forty years the pirates reigned supreme on the seas, plundering, torturing  and disrupting the efforts of civilized nations to prosper and bring peace to this troubled paradise.
In Pirates Revenge, the Black Widow and her 'nation of pirates' had become so strong, and so menacing, the planters, merchants, and military of these four nations were powerless to stop them.  Their mother countries were impotent to help; the navies of Spain, Britain, France and Holland were being decimated.

Out of desperation, a few far thinking and cunning men gathered together to see if there was any way they could unite, and put aside their countries' differences.  Could the common ground of their imminent mutual destruction provide the means to unite and put together the assets and might  they represented , into one big force?

Indeed such a strike force was melded together, with the sole purpose of once and for all eliminating the Black Widow and her nation of pirates.  None would be spared.  This fleet flew under the flag of this fledgling oraganization known as the: 

Caribbean International Alliance

otherwise known as the

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