Excerpt from Pirates Revenge
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      It was only through Morgan’s ingenious strategy, deceit, and brave fighting that they escaped Maricaibo and made for Jamaica. Crossing the sea was quick and uneventful, for which both Farrell and Iorotto were thankful.
With flags flying and gunfire echoing from the lush and lofty Blue Mountains across the harbor, Morgan and his buccaneers sailed into Port Royal with loot estimated to be a quarter of a million dollars.

Once again, the drunken, boisterous nature of pirate’s celebration enabled Farrell to get Iorotto and his treasure ashore and to a safe haven.
It was easy enough to leave Morgan’s crew. The fickle policies of the British government had temporarily grounded him. Morgan was to spend the next three years of his life on his own country property in Jamaica.

     Still, Farrell knew it was dangerous to stay in Port Royal. Sooner or later, someone was bound to notice his new companion and affluence. It wouldn’t take much to figure out what he’d done.

      The Cayman Islands lie just under 400 miles west of Jamaica and the curiosity of Port Royal. Despite its name, Grand Cayman- the largest of the three islands- is only 22 miles long and eight across at its widest point. Although claimed by the British Crown, for all intents and purposes the islands were in the hands of pirates.
      Still, even then, a few honest settlers were arriving there, and Jim felt he could set himself up in business in Georgetown using his ill gotten plunder as financing. He doubted anyone there would give him much thought.